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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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threatened to kill them both. >> i really didn't want to jump, but i didn't know what to do, so i acted like i was putting my seatbelt on while he was looking in the rear-view mirror and i used this leg first and i jumped out. >> reporter: with your baby in your arms. >> like that. we begin with the debate over the debt limit, as it heats up between the president and congress. good evening, i'm aaron gilchrist in for dorene gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. we'll have that exclusive interview in a moment. the president and congressional leaders have just ended a meeting at the white house. that meeting aimed at reaching a deal to prevent the government from defaulting on its debts and all that that implies. at the end of last night's meeting, the president left abruptly after repeated clashes with house majority leader eric cantor of virginia. cantor and other conservative republicans refused any deal that involves a hike in taxes and cantor also opposes the deal offered by his own party leader,
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senator mitch mcconnell. that deal would give the president sole authority and sole responsibility for increasing the nation's debt. some democrats have accused cantor of obstructing progress, and of undercutting his own party leaders. >> if eric cantor decides everything, i fear we'll be in default. >> i'm glad eric is there, and those who have other opinions, they can keep them to themselves. >> there are 20 days to go until the government reaches the debt limit that has already been set by congress. for five straight days, the president has been meeting with those congressional leaders, trying to craft a deal. those meetings have been contentious as democrats and republicans passionately put forth their passions. the president is also passionate. he stepped away from the negotiations today for a few minutes to talk to us about what he wants to do for all the people in this country who are struggling. mr. president, you are in a titanic struggle with eric cantor and others over the debt
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ceiling. but just a couple of miles from here, thousands of people, a lot of them black men, who are in another struggle for their lives, for dignity, don't have a job, can't find a job, don't have skill sets to even get one and keep one if they could. what do you tell those people? >> yeah, all those young men you were talking about who are unemployed in had places here in washington, all the towns in rural america that have people who are ready to work and eager to start new businesses and things like clean energy, all that energy could be unleashed, but it can't be unleashed if the country is constantly divided and the political parties are constantly worried about positioning themselves for the next election instead of trying to solve problems. the main thing i say to myself every day is, is what i hope young peep around the country are also understanding, is we have been through tougher times before. and we have always come out on
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the other end of this thing. what's required here in washington is that politicians understand now is not the time to play games. now is not the time to posture. now is the time to do what's right by the country. look, i want to live in a country that is going on all cylinders, that's giving everybody opportunity. that is continuing to promote the american dream to all who are willing to work hard and be responsible. and i want that country for my children and my grandchildren. >> coming up, we're going to hear from the president on something about which many people in d.c. wish he was even more passionate. and you went into this conversation with the expectation or their expectation that you would talk about the debt ceiling and that big issue the president is dealing with right now. but that -- obviously, you had other places that needed to be addressed, as well. >> well, you know, the white house had in mind, the president want to get his message out to the american people. as he has promised those congressional leaders he is going to do, he is going to take his case to the american people
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with regard to raising the debt and cutting spending and all of the other issues they're talking about. but there are some issues that i think are pretty germane and relevant and important to people in washington and in the washington area. and i kind of had a notion that the president would not mind talking about those things specifically. he's talked a lot about the debt ceiling. he talked about that, and, you know, i kind of figured that folks who are going to be watching "nbc nightly news" right after this broadcast, ey'll get a lot about that on the debt ceiling. but i think there are some other kinds of things that folks in washington want to hear about. and that's what we're going to talk about in our broadcast coming up at 6:30. >> citizens who aren't quite citizens. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> we look forward to that at the bottom of the hour. right now, a federal judge has declared a mistrial in the roger clemens case today. the former baseball great is accused of lying to congress about steroid use. today, though, a judge said jurors saw evidence he already said was off limits. brian mooar joins us live from outside the federal courthouse in northwest with more details
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on this. brian, good evening. >> reporter: hi, aaron. the prosecution said it made a simple mistake, but the judge says it doesn't matter. a judge declared a mistrial today in the federal perjury trial of baseball great roger clemens. after prosecutors let the jury see previously banned testimony. that ruling raises a serious constitutional question. >> the 3-2. >> reporter: whether the former all-star pitcher can be retried for the same crimes. >> the judge will hear arguments and we'll decide where to go from there. >> reporter: the hearing is scheduled for september, but clemens' team looked confident as he left the courthouse. >> are you a fan? >> yes, i am, i'm from boston. god bless you, roger, thank you. >> reporter: he is accused of lying to congress back in 2008 during a hearing on performance-enhancing drugs in major league baseball. >> someone isn't telling the truth. >> let me be clear. i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> reporter: former teammate, andy pettitte, was expected to
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be a critical prosecution witness. >> it is what it is, and like i said, really i can't say nothing about that, really. >> reporter: instead, he was central to the mistrial. prosecutors say they accidentally allowed jurors to see banned testimony from his wife that backed up andy pettitte's story. >> it was basically an affidavit from andy pettitte's wife on the screen. and basically what she said in this affidavit was, andy told me, roger used hgh and steroids. >> reporter: judge reggie walton said he had no choice but to declare a mistrial. saying it was a mistake a first-year law student wouldn't make. so come september, judge walton essentially has two choices. either start the case over or throw the case out. live at the federal courthouse in northwest washington, i'm brian mooar. aaron, back to you. >> all right, brian, thank you. there are funerals today for the victims of that triple bombing in mumbai, india yesterday. the bombs went off within several minutes of each other
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during the evening rush hour. 17 people were killed, at least 131 were injured. it was the worst attack in mumbai since the siege that killed 166 people there back in 2008. pakistani militants were behind the earlier attack. there is no indication, though, that they had any role in the bombings yesterday. government leaders in india say right now it's not clear just who was responsible. police in prince george's county arrested two men in the murder of a local businessman. 44-year-old david williams was found shot to death yesterday inside his bowie home. today police arrested john haston and craig brooks in connection with that death. investigators believe the two men were posing as pepco workers when they went to williams' home. police say this was not a random crime. >> we do know that mr. williams is a local business owner here in the county. and we believe that he was targeted, because he was a business owner. maybe the suspects believed that
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he had funds inside the home. so therefore, we know that robbery was the motive. >> both haston and brooks are facing murder and robbery charges. water service has been restored in prince george's county after a massive water main break in capital heights. it was a 20-inch water main that broke just before 10:00 yesterday morning. it happened in the 500 block of hampton park boulevard in capital heights. water service was restored to 31 businesses about 2:00 this afternoon. that road, however, will remain closed until it can be repaved sometime tomorrow. coming up on the broadcast tonight, a man carjacked a woman and her child. that mother did the only thing she could to save their lives. an 8-year-old boy begged his parents to let him walk home from camp alone. when they finally agreed, their worst nightmare came true. former d.c. mayor ain adrian fenty has been out of the spotlight for months, until now. harry potter fans lining up for the film's finale, or the
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last one we're talking about, of the battle between good and evil in the wizarding world. doug, everybody likes the weatherman today. >> yeah, i've got my costume ready for that movie coming up later tonight. 82 degrees out there now. simply gorgeous out there. and guess what, we have more of this great weather to come. but it is going to get hot again. i'll show you when. dan. sounds good, doug. coming up in sports, an amateur does the unthinkable at the british open. superman, aka, shaquille o'neal, has a super new
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cup. news4 at 6:00 continues. a maryland mother says she is no hero, just a mother. she and her child were carjacked last night in baltimore and taken on a wild ride. this ended on the beltway in montgomery county as the woman grabbed her baby and jumped out of that moving car. pat collins spoke with her. >> i'm so scared. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: her name is elsia. she says that this man, carjacked her lexus while she and her little boy were inside. and he took them on a bone-chilling, life threatening ride from baltimore to the washington beltway before she grabbed her child and jumped to safety. >> i asked him to pull over
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thousands of times. >> reporter: and what did he say? >> he didn't. he just kept on driving. >> reporter: it all began last night with a potato chip shoplifting at this gas station in west baltimore. on the security camera, the store owner identified the suspect as the man in the blue hat. when the clerk went after him, he dropped the chips and then carjacked that lexus. as he backed away, he ran into another car as he made his escape. >> i said, just let me get the baby out. you can have the car, just let me get the baby out. >> reporter: they say he drove erratically, shifting from lane to lane, sometimes very fast. sometimes very slow. at one point, he sideswiped a state trooper's car. the cops were on his tail, but they had to be careful. when she saw the signs to virginia, elsia said she decided to make her move. >> i really didn't want to jump, but i didn't know what else to
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do so i acted like i was putting my seatbelt on with this hand and i pushed the door up and while he was looking in the rear-view mirror, and i used this leg first and i jumped out. >> with your baby in your arms. >> like that. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as teron alvin white, he is 22 years old. he's from baltimore. he's being held on a number of serious charges. elsia says what she did, she did for her son. she says she's not a hero, just a mom. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. >> both mother and son will be fine. elsia did have some minor injuries, though name martin luther king avenue could be extended from southeast washington all the way to the new king memorial on the national mall. d.c. council members are scheduled to hold a special meeting tonight to talk about the renaming proposal. the new mlk avenue would extend across the 11th street bridge, down the freeway to the main
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avenue exit, and then down independence avenue. the new memorial is set to open on august 28th. doug kammerer is here now. if we could bottle days like this, you could make a fortune. >> i would be a rich man, wouldn't i? >> would you share? >> you know what, with my friends, yes. of course, i would. >> thank you, doug. >> the two of you. outside right now, i'll tell you what, it is just about gorgeous, just about perfect. it doesn't get a whole lot better. outs right now, plenty of sunshine, bright blue skies, a few high cirrus clouds moving through the region. it's going to be a great evening to get out and about. high temperature today made its way up to 85 degrees. not too bad at all. low temperature this morning, 68. average high is around 88 degrees, so we were below average. so, yeah, what a day. as i mentioned, just about perfect. temperatures outside right now, sitting in the low 80s. 82 degrees right now, dew point of 54 degrees. very comfortable. we have seen those winds up there around 10 to 15 miles per
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hour at times. that breeze really helps it to feel that much better. doppler radar, nothing to show as far as the rain is concerned. all clear across the area tonight. and not only tonight, the last couple days we have seen shower or thunderstorm activity, but i don't think we're going to see another chance for storms until early next week. so we're coming up on a very dry period and really a very nice period right on through the end of the week and weekend. 84 degrees in leesburg, 81 in winchester, culpeper at 82. 82 in annapolis, and cambridge, temperature right now around 79 degrees. let's zoom into the metro area. you can see what is going on in montgomery county, gaithersburg at 81. 86 in rocksville. fairfax county, ft. belvoir at 81. reston at 79. leesburg at 84. and towards huntingtown in calvert county, your current temperature is 82 degrees. the rest of the region, the entire mid atlantic under a very nice air mass, just mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds moving in from time to time. that's going to be really what we see during the day tomorrow
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as as well. we did see a frontal boundary move through. that's really brought in nice weather as high pressure is going to be dominating the region. so once again, we're talking about mostly sunny skies for tomorrow. another very nice day. as we move into the weekend, that area of high pressure really kind of sticks across the area. so saturday is looking very good. by sunday, though, it does begin to shift a little bit further to the east. so i do think the heat is going to try to make its way back in here just in time for the day on sunday. but especially into next week. your bay forecast. if you're going out towards the bay, maybe the bay beaches or on the boat, 85 degrees on your friday. mostly sunny. just perfect. saturday, same deal. 86 degrees, partly sunny skies. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. maybe gusting upwards of 20 miles per hour. so a little bit of a light chop on the bay. this evening, mostly clear, a perfect july evening. 78 to 83, just one of those nights you want to take your dinner outdoors. as far as temperatures tomorrow morning, some areas are really going to wake up to not only comfortable temperatures, but
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look at this. some areas into the mid 50s in the month of july. mostly clear, a great morning, very comfortable. 65 in the city. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10. tomorrow afternoon, carbon copy of what we saw today. and we're going to call it a fantastic friday. temperatures, 83 to 87 degrees, and as we move through the next four days, the next four days you're looking good. saturday, beautiful. sunday, 90 but low humidity. so not too bad. notice monday and watch this. monday, translates into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and that's when it gets hot again. we could be seeing yet another heatwave coming up next week. and it does look like it is going to be on the hot side. tomorrow is going to be a great day. and we're going to take advantage of it. for our backyard weather, if you would like us to come and do the weather life in your backyard go to and let us know why you would want us to come out there. >> you put on a few pounds. >> i normally do, each summer, yes. >> thanks, doug. coming up tonight, former
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mayor adrian fenty talking about his new job. and his future in the political world.ess hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. back toy
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stampedes. the man who is accused of
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kidnapping and killing an 8-year-old little boy in new york city has been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. the lawyers for 35-year-old levi aron told a judge their client is mentally ill. investigators say aron confessed to killing the child after he found out police were looking for him. the boy, that is. investigators believe aron picked the 8-year-old up after he got lost walking home from camp. it was the first time that child's parents ever let him walk alone. surveillance video shows the boy walking with someone, and getting into the suspect's car. aron pleaded not guilty to that crime today. he has been charged with second degree murder. it is a sad sign of the struggling economy. people running for a chance at housing assistance. we saw that mad dash in dallas this morning as people tried to be the first in line to get housing vouchers. some people were even trampled. nobody seriously hurt, though. about 5,000 applications are expected to be processed.
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the vouchers help pay a portion of the applicant's rent, depending on their income. this is the first time in five years that dallas has offered residents a chance at the vouchers. in maryland, the new law in prince george's county will put a stop to new home construction in the southern part of the county. council members told "the washington post" it was meant to keep roads from being overburr donned. they say there was also concern overdevelopment could impact emergency response times. the county executive said while he does not support the measure, he cannot veto it. former d.c. mayor adrian fenty says he will not reenter elective city politics, despite appeals from some people he should do just that. tom sherwood has the interview reported first on news4. >> reporter: just seven months ago, adrian fenty handed over the city seal to vincent gray and effectively dropped from sight in city politics. although he has made many national appearances talking about education reform, his
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signature issue. thursday, a tan, rested and relaxed fenty emerged from lunch at the palm restaurant. he agreed to work as special counsel with a law firm. but the public still sees the politician. >> best mayor the city has ever had. >> spoken like a true person who lives in maryland. >> that's right. despite the campaign controversies with mayor vincent gray in turmoil on the d.c. council, fenty told news4, he really is done with elective politics. >> are you out of politics now? >> yeah, i am. the answer is yes. i said that the day after the election. you may have been at the campaign headquarters, i can't remember. >> that was the day after the election. it's been seven months. >> sure. no, i am. i had a great run, you know, ten years in office, twelve years in city hall. you know, i'm just so appreciative of the opportunity to serve the people. >> maybe the mayor should be like other politicians and become a media commentator. >> you want to become a
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commentator in the media? >> that job is too hard. and only reserved for the talented. >> fenty says he won't comment on mayor gray or other city issues. >> i am a supportive citizen of the district of columbia, but, you know, there's a team in place. and they've got the right to do it without me commenting or entire fearing. >> but he did say he believes school chancellor henderson who succeeded michelle re is doing a good job. >> kaya has been very well received, i've had an opportunity to see her at national conventions and she is extremely well received nationally, as well. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> adrian fenty said he has not ruled out getting involved in local issues again, but stressed, it would not be running for any office. still ahead tonight, an international drug ring busted in our own backyard. a conversation continues with president obama at the
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white house. tonight we're taking him to task about voting rights in the district. and there's a new task force formed to track down hoarders collecting everything from trash to animals. somebody has come up with a new idea to punish slow drivers in maryland for coasting in the fast lane. coming up in sports, are the nfl owners and players any closer to a labor deal? the caps' prospect has the full attention of the capitals' coaching staff, and a young amateur makes history at the british open. news4 at 6:00 continues. . and what can you expect in your neighborhood overv)"te..
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22-year-old tarno white is accused of stilling a car in baltimore with a woman and her baby inside. it happened last night. the suspect then raced down i-95 into montgomery county. the woman jumped to safety with her baby. the mother and her child were not seriously injured. a federal judge declared a mistrial in the roger clemens case. the former baseball great is accused of lying to congress about steroid use. the judge, though, said jurors saw evidence today previously labeled off limits. the hearing in september will term whether there will be a new
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trial. the government of india says it is still not clear who is responsible for the triple bombing in mumbai yesterday. 17 people were killed, more than 130 were injured. it was the worst attack in that city since the siege that left the 166 people dead back in 2008. president obama has a lot on his plate these days, a troubled economy, and two wars principle among them. but for a lot of people who live here in washington, there is one item not nearly high enough on the president's list of priorities. >> that item, of course, is voting rights. the fact that more than half a million people in washington have no vote in the congressional chambers that in so many ways determine the course of their lives. i asked the president about that today. >> one of the things i have to take advantage of with this opportunity, what we don't have is what most of this country takes for granted. we don't have a vote. what can you tell those half million people that would make them feel better about being americans in a democracy where
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they can't vote? >> look, i've said before and i'll say again. i'm fully supportive of voting rights for d.c. citizens. i'm fully supportive of home rule. i'm fully supportive of making sure that, you know, the washington, d.c. government has its own budget authority. i am supportive of folks in d.c. being treated like everywhere else in the country, maryland, or virginia. we have not gotten a lot of support from the other side on that issue. but i will continue to stand by those in d.c. who believe they should not be paying taxes like everybody else and serving in the military like everybody else and doing that is expected of citizens and yet not have the same voting rights as everybody else in america. >> will you be able to be our public champion in that regard? >> i've been pretty public in my belief on this thing. you know, there is a real community here. this is not just about politics in this town. and you know, the people here care deeply about what happens
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in washington, and what's happening in the school system. and we care about it, too. >> we knew the president has a packed plate, but we have seen the protests in front of the white house from people who say he's not doing enough. did you get the impression that he would be more out front on that issue in the years to come? >> i think he would be, were it not for the fact that the economy has crumbled, the world is coming apart, and there are a lot of things he has to deal with. i don't think that the president does not care about voting rights for the citizens of the district. i think that at the moment -- personally, i just think, he really has a lot of other things that may be a little bit higher on his list of priorities right now. a lot of people in the city wish that, you know, he would readjust his priority list. and i would not be surprised that if there is a second term, that he might be able to find more time to deal with this issue. we certainly would hope so. >> absolutely, yeah. coming up at 11:00 tonight, the president answers the question, with all the grief that comes his way, day in and
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day out, why on earth would he want to run for re-election? an international drug smuggling operation busted in our own backyard. the feds say heroin couriers moved through dulles international with the goods hidden in the lining of their luggage. julie carey has more on how the drug ring was shut down. >> crime and terrorism, increasingly know no borders. >> reporter: neil mcbride explaining how a drug bust took out a heroin ring from ghana. this is an indictment unsealed today. it reveals an operation that used couriers ago part of a heroin smuggling chain. eight people under arrest, including two from maryland who helped distribute, and a woman who formerly lived in virginia. now in ghana, she is accused of being one of the couriers. they were paid up to $15,000 to
6:34 pm
fly from ghana to dulles with up to a kilo of heroin hidden in their luggage. that amount could bring a quarter million dollars on the street. >> this gang developed a sophisticated means of doctoring luggage to secret up to a kilogram, a significant amount of heroin, in a way which could avoid detection in airports in ghana and the u.s. >> reporter: the indictment focuses on three shipments routed from ghana through dulles and then on to distribution in baltimore and new york city. >> in this particular investigation, we were able to arrest not only the couriers bringing the heroin into the united states, but those orchestrating the operation in ghana as well as in other areas locally. >> reporter: officials here say cooperation from authorities in ghana also helped bring this case to a quick close. they say both the narcotics control board and the police there assisted in the investigation. >> what we think is really significant is the d.a.'s ability, working internationally with counterparts over there to quickly identify significant
6:35 pm
ring, and disband and dismantle it before it could get a greater toe hold into the u.s. >> reporter: the other head line in this bust, the fact that the dea as able to shut down the ring in less than a year. julie carey, news4. in montgomery county, a newly formed task force is tackling the growing issue of dangerous hoarding. that task force reports hoarding could effect nearly 3% of the county's population. that's roughly 30,000 people. but the number of cases that come to the attention of county authorities each year is far less than that. about 80 of them from last year, in fact. the task force says that $10,000 allotted to the county's task force this year is hardly enough. cleaning up a single home, they say, is cost $6,000. a police officer is indicted on charges that he sexually abused three women while on
6:36 pm
deuce. 37-year-old larry se was assigned to the third district. he's cuesed of using a gun while forcing sex acts on his victims. the alleged incidents happened in 2006 and last year. police chief cathy lanier said in a statement the accusations are, in her words, appalling. a bowie police officer expected to be okay after a head-on collision. this appeared around 3:00 this afternoon around old crane highway at science drive. bowie officials are not saying how this happened. for now, they're just saying the crash was a result of a police incident. the passenger in the other car was also hurt, though we don't know how badly. is there such a thing as driving too slowly in the fast lane? some people in maryland say yes. but should state law be changed so that slow drivers get cited? derrick ward has both sides of that debate. >> reporter: most of us who drive have come upon the situation. you're in the far left lane, trying to pass slower-moving traffic, but the car in front of you is going even slower. despite opportunities to move over to the right, that driver
6:37 pm
stays in the left lane. so should that driver get a ticket? an idea, a suggestion to that effect has been floated in montgomery county. >> we received a briefing from our liaison to annapolis that a proposal had come from the police department regarding the use of the left lane. >> reporter: now, it's not officially backed by the police department. it is actually a suggestion from a captain. but council member leventhal who represents takoma park would not be inclined to support the idea. and some opponents say what's the point? police can already pull you over if you're driving too slow in the fast lane, or any lane, for that matter, if you're causing a hazard or an impediment to traffic flow. but so-called keep-right laws have enjoyed some success in other states. kansas, for instance, is among those states for which the left lane is for passing only. but aaa of the mid atlantic recently doesn't think such a law is right for this area. >> it's driving etiquette. that if you're going slow in that left lane, you should merge
6:38 pm
over, or change lanes, to allow those drivers who are attempting to pass to drive at the speed limit, not above the speed limit. >> reporter: but it's admittedly hard to turn courtesy into legal code. still, motorists we spoke to say they would get behind such an idea. >> as long as everyone is within the speed limit, it's a fine idea. >> sort of traditional in europe and other countries. when you're in the passing lane, you pass. >> my dad told me how it's dangerous to pass on the right. so if someone is going slow, it's not good for everyone else. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. coming up tonight, the first family may have made a mistake. when they made the choice for a family, and it's a mistake made by a lot of fam)"
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all)"vw' and hello, everybody, and good afternoon. welcome back, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer right here in storm center 4. it is just a spectacular afternoon out there today. take a look at this shot in the national cathedral there. you see the washington monument in the distance. it is just gorgeous out there. and let's take another vantage point right now, the washington monument from a different angle toward the south a little bit. looking at temperatures now of 82 degrees across our area. dew point right now of 54 degrees. winds out of the south at about
6:42 pm
6% miles per hour. it is going to be a nice night tonight. not just nice, cool side. 59 in gaithersburg, 56 in frederick. 60 in leesburg, manassas around the 69 degrees mark. and fredericksburg, a temperature for you overnight of 64 degrees. you'll wake up to beautiful weather tomorrow, and tomorrow afternoon, a day very much like we saw today. highs in the low to mid 80s once again. >> thank you, doug. the first family's dog, bo, may not be as compatible with the obama's as previously thought. he is a portuguese water dog. that dog is considered to be the breed that's best for people with allergies. but a new study shows there is -- there may be no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. researchers compared dust samples from more than 170 homes with dogs and children. they found no difference in allergyin levels between homes with hypoallergenic dogs and regular dogs. >> i wonder what my dog is. >> what do you have? >> he's just a dog. he's an akita.
6:43 pm
>> he's big. >> huh? >> he's big. >> he's big, yeah. but i don't know that he's hypo allerg allergic. what did you say? >> made-up word. which doesn't mean anything when it comes to dogs. >> what's up, partner? >> mine is not. i know that for sure. in sports, history already made first day of the british open. but the links may not be so kind
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inspiration back home. we're talking world cup, folks. the nominations are out for tv's prime time emmy awards. of mark baggc barger has the ru >> reporter: "mad men" has been the top drama three years running and has a chance to make it four, but it may not have quite the momentum of past years. >> because of long contract negotiations is not coming back until the early part of 2012. so with it being out of sight, out of mind, it may not have the momentum it often has to win the best drama. >> reporter: among the shows hoping to knock them off, "game
6:47 pm
of thrones" and "board walk empire" along with "dexter" "the good wife" and "friday night lights" which also earned acting nomination for chandler and b t brita britain. >> i have then seen a married couple portrayed so honestly. i love that show. it's a wonderful nod to a great show for its final season. >> reporter: "modern family" led the pack among comedy, 17 nominations. it contrasted the drama field. no cable shows made the cut for best comedy. contenders include "the big bang theory" "glee" "the office" "30 rock" and "parks and recreation". >> i think it's great they got acknowledged. network tv has seen a renaissance of comedy.
6:48 pm
>> reporter: steve carell got his sixth nomination as best actor in a comedy, he has yet to win it. the emmys will be handed out september 18th. marc barger, nbc news. you know, i've heard on the radio today that they started the british open again. somehow or another, it doesn't have the oomph and the kick, the electricity that it's had in the past. >> yeah. >> and it seems more than tiger. you know, what's going on? phil's down, tiger not playing, a lot of people don't know the names, the marquis names aren't there. but i have to say, it's cool to wake up in the morning if you're a golf fan and just start watching golf. we love that. and we are only one day into the british open. but history has already been made. 20-year-old englishman tom lewis could be a household name. he fired a 5 under 65, tied for the lead with thomas bjorn. he's not getting paid. lewis is an amateur, his 500
6:49 pm
total, the lowest score ever at the open championship and the first to lead a major since 1976. lewis not much older than this kid, surely enjoying his ice cream. tasty shots by several golfers today. this one by rickie fowler from about 70 feet away, putting for a bird. oh, how sweet was that? his curbed right in there, tied for even par. phil mickelson, and stewart cink out of the sand and in for the birdie. that deserves a tip of the cap. best shot of the day from dustin johnson. this is the par 3, 16. his tee shot, dare i say, very, very tasty. you don't see many of these at the british. a hole in one. johnson is jacked. he is also at even par. now, yeah, your early leader denmark's thomas bjorn here on
6:50 pm
16. blew the british open lead on this very hole back in 2003. there would be no repeat here. bjorn has a nice approach to set up a birdie. see that, vance there, five feet away? it's hard to follow there, windy. these are tough conditions. he finishes at 5 under. and he was all alone until this afternoon. this guy, the 20-year-old amateur, tom lewis, on 17. drains the birdie, and gets his share of the lead. the lowest round ever for an amateur at the open, one stroke better than tiger woods. >> tiger woods, one shot. and you wouldn't have thought that any day. so i'm thrilled after my performance today. it's great. i don't really have much more to say. obviously, it's the first day and the first round. so there's a long way to go. and i'm thrilled to play so well today and, you know, beat henrik and watson who are excellent players in their own right. and it's great.
6:51 pm
and the crowd was great. >> so tom lewis actually named after five-time british open champ tom watson. and guess who tom lewis got a chance to play with today? how cool is that? and he steps his game up with his hero, too. that was a pretty good day for him. it doesn't matter if you're a soccer fan or not, if you're a fan of sports, you're going to be watching sunday when the u.s. takes on japan in the women's world cup final. it's the first final for the americans since 1999. and one player has really become the face of the team. abbey wambach followed up her miraculous game-tying goal against brazil sunday with another gutsy header gets france in the semis. this one was so sweet, too. that's the go ahead goal. no pun intended. wambach, the third leading scorer for the women's national team but has yet to win a world cup. the 31-year-old played for our washington freedom and says this weekend could be her last chance, but it's going to take everybody. >> playing in any final, any tournament, is always exciting,
6:52 pm
always an honor and a privilege. you never get there with one player, one head, never get there with one save. for us, it's been a collective effort by everybody involved. not just the players, but our staff, the journalists coming over from the united states. getting the entire country behind us, getting everybody back home, so excited. literally, we have a 12th man, not only in the fans in the stands, but we have a 12th man in the fans in the 300 million people back home watching. >> you know why i really like an bee? they just thanked the media. thanks for the coverage. did you hear that part? >> i missed that. >> you missed that part, didn't you? is. >> because you don't hear it very often. should have stood out, right? >> yeah, she's -- she's having a good time over there. and that would be so cool for them to win. >> they are spectacular, and you love those times in these events when a team comes along and captures the heart of the whole nation. which is what they have done. >> and really transcends sports and gets people who don't care about soccer normally to really care about this game. >> good for them.
6:53 pm
hockey time, the caps well into their week-long development camp wraps up saturday at 10:00 a.m. with a scrimmage and fan fest. you also might want to check this guy out. dannic paket is a guy you might want to keep an eye on whether you're a fan or an opponent. here he is, wearing number 42 on the white team during the caps' camp today. he had 179 penalty minutes in in 59 games in the echl last year, that might tell you something. check out this right here. >> ow! >> they call from a a garage sale, because you lose all your equipment on the ice. >> oh, my goodness. >> is that legal? >> not really. it was semi legal. adam mitchell was the guy. second period, you know what, he's not done. takes the pass from garrett harr right here, and he can score, too, top shelf.
6:54 pm
how about another skill set. what else can you do mr. paquet, score, throw down and fight. he was frank about his job description. >> just hit people, and [ bleep ] server -- i think i did a good job for the development camp. i know it's a blind side, but it's a hit, and i'm a pretty dirty player, so i did my job. >> if coally campbell was watching, it might have been a little bit of a dirty hit in the first period. but that's what he's got to be, is one of those guys that everybody loves to hate. i would -- just for the talent out there, i saw a lot of what we're hoping the way he's going to play, you know, come training camp, come regular season, for whichever team he plays for. >> you've got to like a player who just knows what he is. >> yeah. and freely -- >> all out there. >> i'm a dirty player, so watch out. >> he readily admits. could be fun to watch. a new labor deal could end
6:55 pm
the nfl labor negotiations is getting closer. a rookie wage scale close to being agreed upon. and according to the nfl network, there's a 50/50 chance the two sides could have a handshake deal in place. let's hit the hellie pad. it's a done deal, folks. the best studio show in tv has added shaquille o'neal. the recently retired big man going to join tnt's team. charles barkley, johnson and kenny smith. rays' pitcher price get being paid for giving up that 3,000th hit to jeter. a signed collectible saying i gave up 3 k. and we all know michael jordan loves to golf. now, if he gofls with a current nba player, the league has told him because he's an owner, he could be fined $1 million. >> he'll have to find somebody else. >> i don't thiess hollywood" te. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. i'm laura, and this is my cvs.
6:56 pm
i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription.
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i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine.
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from mt. aetna brings more drama for travelers. the wait is almost over. harry potter fans formed a line outside the uptown theater in northwest washington. this was the scene just about an hour ago. the muggles trying to score good seats for the midnight screening of the last movie in the series. "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2." thanks for inviting me to go with you, aaron. i can't make it, but thanks for the invite.
6:59 pm
>> i haven't seen a single one. the four-day forecast, temperatures in the mid 80s tomorrow, another great day on saturday. i think sunday is looking great, as well, with dry conditions. temperatures near 90, but that's not an uncomfortable 90. we could do start to warm up as we head into next week. >> thanks, doug. mt. etna on the island of sicily, one of the world's most active volcanos and people live well within its reach. to borrow from the old e.f. hutton commercial, when etna talks, people listen. and people did listen. there were explosions of fire, ash and lava, spewing into the air. now, that is a fireworks show, folks. the volcano experts went out to take a look. they said all of the action was coming from a single vent in the crater. look at that. and they say that's a good thing. they say it's when the eruptions start on mt. etna's flanks that


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